How to Avoid Getting a Flat Tire

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At BMW of Catonsville, we strive to create the ultimate dealership experience. From our wide selection of new and pre-owned BMW cars to our dedicated team of auto experts, we’re always willing to go the extra mile for our customers. One of the many things we do to satisfy our customer’s needs is automotive service advice, and one of the most important is knowing how to avoid a flat tire.

At first glance, tires may seem invincible, as they take quite the beating. Between speed bumps, rocks, debris, and the occasional pothole, it can be quite easy to disregard the health of our tires. That said, tires are far from indestructible, and will burst when you least expect it. Fortunately, you can avoid getting stranded with a flat tire through proper tire care.

One of the ways that you can check the status of your tire is to perform the penny test. Every tire is lined with grooves, otherwise known as tread. The depth of your tread can directly translate to the amount of wear on your tire. So, take a penny and insert it into one of these individual grooves with Lincoln's head face down. If you can see the top of Abraham Lincoln’s head, it might be time to swap your tires out.

Additionally, air pressure can make a huge difference between a flat tire and a healthy tire. The air pressure in your tire is bound to fluctuate, but there is a point in every tire where it can end up either overinflated or underinflated. An improperly inflated tire can burst far easier than a properly inflated. We recommend checking your tire pressure on a semi-regular basis. Should a tire's air pressure become too high or low, our BMW technicians serving Ellicott City, MD can make the proper adjustments..

If you’re looking to stay on top of your tire maintenance, our BMW service team is here to help. At BMW of Catonsville, you can count on us to be there for you every step of the way during your car ownership.

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